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Tap To Pay, Tap To Stay – Airbnb Accepts Apple Pay

Just when you thought that Airbnb payments couldn’t be any more seamless, the latest version of the app has added a new feature.  Now users will be able to pay for their Airbnb rentals using Apple’s new Apple Pay service.

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5 Important Questions to Ask When Setting Minimum and Maximum Stay Limits on Airbnb

When bringing someone into your home on Airbnb you want to make sure to set expectations, especially on the duration of their stay.  Here are 5 important things to consider when setting minimum and maximum stay limits on your Airbnb

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How To Set the Perfect Price For Your Airbnb Listing

What is your place worth? People often have a difficult time finding the right price for their space? Is this too low, am I over-charging, will people pay this much? Relax, there is no easy answer to this question, but

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