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How To Respond To Negative Reviews and Look Like a Pro on Airbnb

Let’s face it, no matter how good of an Airbnb host you become, it is impossible to keep everyone happy. You are bound to have at least one guest find something that they don’t love about your place. And there

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How To Get Positive Reviews on Airbnb

We’ve already talked about some of the most important factors when creating a successful Airbnb Listing.  Yes you need top notch photos and a killer description.  But even after you have these things in place, how do you properly execute

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5 Tips To Rent Your Apartment as The Ultimate Super Bowl Pad!

In honor of the big game this weekend, I thought we’d take a break from our typical posts and have some fun.  Everyone loves a great Super Bowl party.  Lots of people are traveling for the game or for ski

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How Airbnb’s Hospitality Standards Can Make You A Better Host

Airbnb has made no secret that it’s setting out to challenge the conventional hospitality standards.  While no one is going to confuse your Airbnb listing with a room at the Hilton, certain best practices of the hotel industry can be

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How To Get The All Important First Review On Airbnb

People often ask me questions about getting started as an Airbnb host.  Sometimes the most difficult part of getting started is getting that all important first review.  Positive reviews will obviously lead to more bookings, but what does it take

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5 Extra Clever Ways To Get Your Airbnb Listing Seen

Even if you’ve done everything right when setting up your listing, it never hurts to go the extra mile to ensure that it’s being seen by the right people.  Sometimes it’s the little creative things you do that help your

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Turn Social Media Activity Into Bookings

Relatives and friends of mine always seem infinitely interested when I tell them about renting my place on Airbnb.  True that it’s sometimes more dismay and confusion rather than genuine interest, but it is something they care to learn more

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Use Airbnb’s Response Rate To Your Advantage

Make The Connection Making the connection between Airbnb host & guest isn’t always easy.  The stars need to align and both parties need to be on the same page.  You go through so much effort to create a compelling listing

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How To Set the Perfect Price For Your Airbnb Listing

What is your place worth? People often have a difficult time finding the right price for their space? Is this too low, am I over-charging, will people pay this much? Relax, there is no easy answer to this question, but

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7 Easy Tips For Eye-Catching Airbnb Photos

Pictures say a thousand words, and crappy pictures say a thousand crappy words about your listing. We’ve talked about how important it is to have a great description but we all know that people tend to get more information visually than through

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