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6 Reasons Why The Airbnb Magazine Will Fail Miserably

You may have heard that Airbnb is starting a new quarterly magazine called Pineapple. Yes, it’s a magazine…and it’s called Pineapple. Why are they doing this? Airbnb has made no secret that they’re trying to establish a brand rather than

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Tap To Pay, Tap To Stay – Airbnb Accepts Apple Pay

Just when you thought that Airbnb payments couldn’t be any more seamless, the latest version of the app has added a new feature.  Now users will be able to pay for their Airbnb rentals using Apple’s new Apple Pay service.

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Airbnb Seeks The Truth

Airbnb’s review process has remained largely unchanged since its inception. It’s quite simple really. You receive an e-mail telling you to review your host (or guest) right around the end of the stay. Both parties leave their review and the

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Why is Airbnb Sponsoring the NYC Marathon?

Airbnb recently announced that they will be a sponsor for the NYC Marathon taking place in November. One of the most prestigious road races in the world, the marathon brings thousands of runners and their families to the Big Apple

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The Top 5 Services Every Airbnb Host Needs To Use

We’ve already talked about ways to automate your Airbnb listing to simplify your life. But there is one particular part of that equation that requires further investigation. In the past year there has been an influx of new companies that

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Airbnb OpenAir 2014

  For those of you Airbnb hosts who want to learn more directly from the source, Airbnb has you covered! Today they’ve announced OpenAir 2014 taking place Thursday, April 24, 2014 at their San Francisco Headquarters.  This event aims to

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The Definitive Guide To Automating Airbnb

One of the things that makes Airbnb so special is the human connection that each guest has with their host.  There is nothing like the feeling of connecting with a potential guest and enhancing the quality of their stay.  But

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Simple Guidelines To Writing a Foolproof Airbnb House Manual

Picture this.  You’re on vacation, lounging on the beach.  This vacation is even more special because you rented out your place back home and the Airbnb money is virtually covering all of your expenses.  Not a worry in the world…until. 

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7 Things You Must Have in Your Airbnb Guidebook

If you’re not aware, Airbnb lets you create a guidebook for people to see when they book a reservation at your place.  What is a guidebook you ask?  Airbnb refers to a guidebook as “a collection of recommended places near

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5 Important Questions to Ask When Setting Minimum and Maximum Stay Limits on Airbnb

When bringing someone into your home on Airbnb you want to make sure to set expectations, especially on the duration of their stay.  Here are 5 important things to consider when setting minimum and maximum stay limits on your Airbnb

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