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Hospitality Standards

Airbnb has made no secret that it’s setting out to challenge the conventional hospitality standards.  While no one is going to confuse your Airbnb listing with a room at the Hilton, certain best practices of the hotel industry can be directly applied to your listing.

In September of 2013, Airbnb hired founder of Joie de Vivre hotels Chip Conley to be their new “Head of Hospitality”  This title main sound vague and it seems to be intentionally so.  Conley is tasked to transition Airbnb to another level of hospitality in order to legitimize the service and standardize certain practices for a more uniform experience.

One of Conley’s first duties was to create a list of standards for Airbnb hosts to abide by in order to improve the experience for the guests.  These standards include:

-Accuracy – Is your listing what you say it is?
-Communication – Are you available and clear with messaging?
-Availability – Is your place available when you say so?
-Commitment – Are you committed to your guest?
-Cleanliness – Is your place clean?
-Amenities – Have you outlined the amenities your guest will receive?
-Welcome – Have you ensured a pleasant first impression and welcome to your space?
-Support – Are you there if your guest needs you?
-Reviews – Have you left an honest review of your guest?

Airbnb has done a fine job of illustrating these standards on their site so I’ll refrain from going any further into detail.  The point is that they’ve given hosts a blueprint to follow in order to become a successful host.  These standards were based on deep research and data that the company has compiled over the years.  While Darebnb tries to help new and potential hosts learn more about the service and its possibilities, these standards become perfect supplemental information.

Not to worry, over the coming months we’ll be diving deeper into some of these standards.  While this may sound intimidating, the end goal is always to provide your guest with a positive and memorable experience.  A combination of success with these standards will help you get there.  From the viewpoint of the host, we’ll next take a look at how to ensure that these standards result in more positive reviews, which result in more booking, which result in more income!

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