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The Definitive Guide To Automating Airbnb

One of the things that makes Airbnb so special is the human connection that each guest has with their host.  There is nothing like the feeling of connecting with a potential guest and enhancing the quality of their stay.  But

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7 Things You Must Have in Your Airbnb Guidebook

If you’re not aware, Airbnb lets you create a guidebook for people to see when they book a reservation at your place.  What is a guidebook you ask?  Airbnb refers to a guidebook as “a collection of recommended places near

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5 Important Questions to Ask When Setting Minimum and Maximum Stay Limits on Airbnb

When bringing someone into your home on Airbnb you want to make sure to set expectations, especially on the duration of their stay.  Here are 5 important things to consider when setting minimum and maximum stay limits on your Airbnb

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